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Cobham trækker tilbud på 420 DKK på Thrane

54271 akademikeren 12/3 2012 15:10

Cobham plc Withdraws Proposal to Acquire Shares of Thrane & Thrane A/S

Cobham confirms that it has been in discussion over the last year with the Board of
Thrane & Thrane with a view to making a recommended offer for the Company. Its
proposal, submitted to Thrane & Thrane on 8 February 2012, was at a price of DKK420
per share in cash valuing the entire currently issued share capital of the Company on a
fully diluted basis at approximately DKK2,418m (£273m).

The making of such an offer was conditional only on its recommendation by the
majority of the Board of Thrane & Thrane and on the Board’s agreement to provide
customary support in order to implement the tender offer process. The potential offer
would have been subject to the standard terms and conditions for such an offer, but
with an acceptance condition of only 50.01 per cent of the shares in Thrane & Thrane.

Cobham’s strategy is to build market leadership positions in its strategic business units
by investing in technology, particularly with exposure to commercial market segments,
and it has identified Thrane & Thrane as one such potential target. Cobham believes
there would be significant benefits from a combination of its SATCOM business with
Thrane & Thrane. Cobham’s proposal envisages that Thrane & Thrane would continue
to be run by its current management team in Denmark. It would become one of
Cobham’s principal global businesses and a focus for future investment.

Cobham was therefore disappointed to note that the Board of Thrane & Thrane has felt
unable to recommend its proposal. Cobham has therefore decided to withdraw its
proposal to make an offer for Thrane & Thrane.

Cobham reserves the right to reconsider its position at any time.

12/3 2012 21:34 Kristensen 054295

Nu er det store spørgsmål så, om der er andre interesserede. Startskuddet har lydt og det har måske fået andre ud af busken. Falder den lidt tilbage, kan den godt blive interessant igen.

12/3 2012 23:41 Mumtaz 054304

Der står også lidt om det her - interessant