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Alligator Bioscience: New preclinical data for ATOR-1144

76804 Helge Larsen/PI-redaktør 3/4 2019 00:27

Alligator Bioscience: Alligator Bioscience: New preclinical data for ATOR-1144 demonstrate potential for activation of both the innate and the adaptiv

Lund, Sweden, April 2, 2019 - Alligator Bioscience (Nasdaq Stockholm:
ATORX), today announce that new preclinical data on the drug
candidate ATOR-1144 will be presented at the scientific conference
AACR (American Association for Cancer Research), held in Atlanta on
March 29 - April 3, 2019. ATOR-1144 is a first-in-class bispecific
tumor-localized antibody targeting the checkpoint inhibitor CTLA-4
and the co-stimulatory receptor GITR (Glucocorticoid-Induced TNFR
family Related).

The new preclinical data demonstrate that ATOR-1144 works through
several pathways: activation of effector T cells, depletion of
regulatory T cells (Tregs) and tumor cells and activation of NK
(natural killer) cells, with potential for enhanced tumor cell
killing. In addition, GITR is shown to be expressed on
tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and neoplastic cells in tumor samples
from e.g. head and neck, esophageal, ovarian cancer, melanoma and B
and T cell lymphoma, allowing for direct tumor cell killing.

We are excited to present ATOR-1144 to the scientific community. It
is a novel tumor-localizing CTLA-4 bispecific antibody with the
potential for enhanced immune-activation of both the adaptive and the
innate immune system, as well as direct anti-tumor effects. These
properties are likely to act in concert and give ATOR-1144 the
potential for superior efficacy, said Per Norlén, CEO of Alligator

Dr Anne Månsson Kvarnhammar, Senior Scientist at Alligator, will
present a poster (#4077) with the title: ATOR-1144 is a
tumor-directed CTLA-4 x GITR bispecific antibody that acts by
depleting Tregs and activating effector T cells and NK cells on
Tuesday, April 2, 1:00 p.m. EDT (7:00 p.m. CEST). The poster will
then be available on

For further information, please contact:
Cecilia Hofvander, Director Investor Relations & Communications
Phone +46 46 540 82 06

3/4 2019 00:29 Helge Larsen/PI-redaktør 076805

Disclaimer: Jeg har aktier i Alligator Bioscience.