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BDI torsdag 28.05.09 +134 pkt

12336 fcras 28/5 2009 16:26

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 3298 UP 134

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 5602 UP 294
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 2764 UP 152
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 1832 UP 7
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 865 DOWN 3

28/5 2009 23:19 fcras 012369

BULK - Oldendorff betaler 78.000 USD/dagen for Capesize

- ifølge Platou, Oslo 28.05.09


Oldendorff betaler 78.000 USD/dagen for Capesize BRIGHT CENTURY - bygget 1997 - for en reise fra Rotterdam - syd om Afrika - til Kina - skipet laster 15/17 juni 09

DRY BULK FIXTURES - R.S. Platou - Latest Fixtures/FFA - 3 weeks Fixtures

Update: Daily 5/7 - 08.00 - 09.00 AM CET


Reisen er på 13.794 NM og tager 47,9 dage ved 12 kts

+ havnedage

Rotterdam 4
Kina 8

- ialt 59,9 dage

Link til beregning av rejsen:

28/5 2009 23:25 fcras 012370

Long-term charters underpin Capesize iron ore freight rates

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Capesize iron ore freight rates have maintained their upward momentum over the last week, receiving additional support from ship operators taking ships on long-term time charters , in addition to ongoing chartering activity by iron ore producers and traders on cargoes destined for China.

Rates on some routes are at the highest levels seen so far this year and offering ship owners positive returns.

So far this year, all of the upward momentum in freight rates has been the result of China's huge activity on the iron ore spot market.

Ship brokers argue that the fact that operators are willing to contemplate taking ships on long-term time charter is a bullish sign for the freight market.

"Ship operators take ships on long-term charter for two reasons: one, to relet them at a profit, which requires rising freight rates; two, to occasionally apply some of those ships to their own cargoes," said a broker.

"Some operators are more cargo interests first, then the next priority is reletting ships at a profit."

Brokers said the presence of ship operators in the period charter market meant that they were confident rates would continue to rise.

"I don't know that I share that same sense of confidence, especially after what we've been through, but no operator comes in and takes a ship on period of a year or more unless they're confident they can relet it at a profit," said a second broker.

"I can only s it making sense if an operator taking a ship for a year, manages to relet it for a year in a back-to-back deal. But if rates falter again, I can see some of these ships coming in for early redelivery."

Swiss Marine reportedly fixed a 1999-built Capesize of close to 180,000 dwt for one year at $26,500/day. EDF reportedly fixed a vessel under construction, due to be delivered in October, for two years at the same rate.

And STX Pan Ocean reportedly fixed another ship under construction, due to be delivered in June, for 15 years at a headline rate of $26,500 day, with an inflation clause.

On the voyage market, the key Brazil/China iron ore route was fixed at the end of last week at around $28.75, the highest level seen so far, equating to around $71,100/day time charter equivalent for a standard 160,000 mt cargo.

This compares with voyage rates of around $25.50/mt a week ago. Brokers said that shipowners are now holding out for $30/mt on this route.

"Most of the period chartering activity has been for short period business, three to five months of four to six months, and with spot, voyage rates where they are, there are certainly short-term relet opportunities that could turn a quick buck, but for somebody to take a ship for one year in such an uncertain economic climate is some leap of faith," said the broker.

Average Capesize rates globally broke through the $36,000/day barrier from around $32,000/day a week ago, according to brokers.

Recent spot business includes Vitol reportedly fixing a 155,000 mt cargo from Tubarao to Qingdao aboard the 1995-built Huikanghai (149,647 dwt) for a June 10-20 loading window.

But other similar business has also been concluded recently at as low as $26.15/mt. Rates from Western Australia to China have crept up slowly to around $10.75 from $10.25/mt.

Source: Platts