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BDI tirsdag 09.06.09 -128 pkt

13231 fcras 9/6 2009 16:35

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 3518 DOWN 128

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 6382 DOWN 141
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 2772 DOWN 255
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 1781 DOWN 23
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 864 DOWN 9

10/6 2009 01:19 fcras 013274

Classic Maritime has snapped up a pair of capesize relets from Australian miner Fortescue Metals Group on short-term period charter.

The George Economou-led company has only recently emerged victorious from a legal battle with Fortescue over three suspended contracts of affreightment (COAs). Both of the ships concerned are owned by companies also controlled by Economou.

It was another poor day for capesize, though, as panamaxs moved in to fill the void and did quite well on spot rates.


DryShips is the owner of the 170,100-dwt Mystic (built 2008) which Fortescue has relet to Classic for five to seven months at $52,500 per day.

Classic is paying the same to take the 170,000-dwt Flecha (built 2004), which is controlled by DryShips’ manager Cardiff Marine, on relet from the miner but only has it for three to five months.

In the time charter market BHP Billiton spent $39,500 per day on a back-haul trip with the 177,300-dwt Azul Frontier (built 2003).


TMT made a killing off the relet of two panamaxes earlier this week but had to accept at least a short-term loss on a deal on Tuesday. The Taiwanese owner has let the 82,900-dwt Yasa Neslihan (built 2005) go to Oldendorff for an Atlantic itinerary at $26,500 per day having taken it last week for eight months at $32,000.

Rates in northern Europe were good however as Swiss Marine emerged as the charterer of the 75,300-dwt Nordelbe (built 2001) for a Baltic-UK run at $33,750.

And Eitzen paid $32,500 for a roundtrip from northern Europe to Murmansk with the 76,600-dwt Osmarine (built 2006).

Similarly the 69,200-dwt Maria V (built 1987) is coming from the Black Sea to the Med at $28,250 daily while Swiss Marine has the 76,600-dwt Mishima (built 2002) for a Europe-Baltic roundtrip at $25,000.

And the 72,500-dwt Coal Pride (built 1999) commanded $28,000 a day for an Atlantic itinerary. The fixture is a relet from Deiulemar which only booked it this week for three to five months at $26,000 a day.

Bunge has the 76,400-dwt Maritime Christine (built 2004) for a trip from the Med to Brazil at $23,000.


Louis Dreyfus booked a pair of units for trips from South Africa across to South America and back to the Indian Ocean. The 55,600-dwt Moondance 11 (built 2006) got $26,000 and the 53,800-dwt Avra (built 2004) $25,000.

Grieg Star spent $19,000 a day on an Atlantic roundtrip with the 45,800-dwt Storm Ranger (built 1995).

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 12:57 GMT, 09 Jun 2009 | last updated: 13:01 GMT, 09 Jun 2009
Handymax Bulk Carrier ” Anarchos” 1996 – 46.676 dwt (Entrust Maritime Co. Ltd., Greece)
18.05.09 - wainting to berth Rio Tinto Alcan Duncan wharf, LaBaie
Photo: © Robert Tremblay, LaBaie, Québec, Canada

10/6 2009 09:51 fcras 013286

Tuesday, 09 June 2009 20:05

Contracts involving a total of 807 newbuildings have been canceled across the world , according to a tally presented by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) at a briefing session in Tokyo on June 4.

The total included 459 bulkers, 143 tankers and 105 containerships. This is equivalent to 3% of the total global fleet in operation, according to MHI.

The tally covered the period from October 2008 to May 2009. Also canceled during the period were orders for 74 general cargo ships, 13 car carriers), 11 LPG carriers and two LNG carriers.

Shiro Iijima, general manager of MHI's Shipbuilding & Ocean Development Headquarters, said at the briefing session, "The tally was based on the data we obtained by the end of May, but reports of annulled contracts come in almost every day. We have yet to see the actual situation. It looks that talks (on cancellations) are still going on below the surface. Cancellations may come out one after another after summer 2009."

According to other statistical data released at the meeting by MHI, the global fleet as of the end of April consisted of 24,393 vessels, including 1,186 idle ships, and 7,562 ships aged 20 years or older and eligible for demolition.

Newbuildings on order as of April 2009 numbered 6,737 units.

Ships scrapped during the period under review numbered 477 units.