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BDI torsdag 11.06.09 +31 pkt.

13392 fcras 11/6 2009 16:21

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 3483 UP 31

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 6465 UP 111
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 2643 UP 28
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 1738 DOWN 20
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 836 DOWN 14
Supramax ”Jin Xing” 2007 - 55.496 dwt ( Jinhui Shipping)
04.06.08 - Port of Rio Grande, Brazil - Photo: © Marcelo Vieira, Rio Grande, Brazil

11/6 2009 20:04 fcras 013398

Panamax rates held their ground Thursday as Asia-to-Australia roundtrips kept vessels in the sector active but did little to help capesize activity.

The day also saw Rizzo-Bottiglieri De Carlini Armatori scoop up a kamsarmax for a year's trading.


A single cape found work Thursday, but the 16-year-old bulker earned a far lower rate than the latest spot deals.

Hanjin Shipping is taking Zodiac Maritime Agency's 161,000-dwt Cape Eagle (built 1993) from Asia to Australia and back for just $64,000 per day.

In the last spot capesize fixture, Rio Tinto booked the 178,000-dwt Madeira (built 2007) on Friday for $95,000 per day.

Still, the Cape Eagle is a far older vessel, and the Baltic Capesize Index rose 111 points, or 1.7%.


Rizzo-Bottiglieri is paying $24,000 per day to put Neda Maritime Agency's 82,800-dwt Ellina (built 2008) to work for 11 to 12 months.

In a two-day-old fixture not reported until Thursday, Kitaura Kaiun's 76,600-dwt Coral Diamond (built 2007) will be in the hands of Oldendorff for two to three months at a price of $18,000 per day.

Oldendorff also grabbed the day's biggest panamax spot charter, as it pays $27,000 per day to take Hung Fu Shipping's 75,600-dwt Carol (built 1999) on two laden legs beginning in Sweden.

Ten panamaxes were booked to travel from Asia to Australia and back, earning between $15,000 and $26,000 per day. All but a few were above $22,000 per day.

A Chinese charterer is paying $26,000 per day to take Diana Shipping's 74,400-dwt Coronis (built 2006), while busy Oldendorff grabbed the 76,600-dwt Fair Lady (built 2005) for $24,000 per day.

On the low end, Polish Steamship's 73,500-dwt Szare Szeregi (built 1991) fetched $17,800 per day from an unnamed charterer, while the elderly 64,400-dwt Ienao (built 1995) is earning $15,500 per day from Danzas to visit Australia's East Coast.

Elsewhere, the 73,700-dwt Aeolian Spirit (built 1999) is earning $26,000 per day plus a $500,000 ballast bonus to travel from Praia Mole to Singapore or Japan.

Among two round trips to the East Coast of South America, Enterprises Shipping's 73,000-dwt Brugge Max (built 1998) fetched $22,000 per day from Louis Dreyfus. Raffles is paying $21,500 per day for Mitsubishi's 72,500-dwt Spring Peacock (built 1998).


While one supramax rate beat out all in the panamax sector, some cheaper fixtures brought the average slightly down.

STX Pan Ocean is paying $31,000 per day to take the 53,200-dwt Eleanor D (built 2009) from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Black Sea and past Muscat.

Jinhui Shipping's 52,000-dwt Jin Yao (built 2004) is fetching $24,000 per day to travel from Cape Town to the East Coast of South America and back to Singapore.

Further down in rates, however, Swiss Marine is paying $14,250 per day for a ride from South Africa to Europe on Marmaras Navigation's 51,500-dwt Maria D (built 2002).

By Eric Martin in Stamford
Published: 14:24 GMT, 11 Jun 2009 | last updated: 14:26 GMT, 11 Jun 2009
Supramax ”Angela” 2004 - 52.571 dwt (Portline, Portugal))
10.11.08 - sails past Prospect Point as she departs Vancouver with a cargo of coal.
Photo: © Neil England, Vancouver , BC , Canada