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BDI mandag 15.06.09 +180 pkt

13533 fcras 15/6 2009 17:00

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 3763 UP 180

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 7227 UP 512
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 2881 UP 127
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 1702 DOWN 20
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 810 DOWN 17

16/6 2009 00:17 fcras 013556

Maritime has dished out an extraordinary $100,000 per day for an Atlantic capesize roundtrip which, coupled with strong Pacific activity, drove the index up over 500 points.

The George Economou-led company has been at the forefront when it comes to leading the dry-bulk rebound with numerous other fixtures in the last weeks and months raising the bar.

The panamax market was not as buoyant but there were some rates either side of $30,000 a day.


The Japanese 180,000-dwt Gracious Eternity (built 2009) is the one being taken by Classic for a trip from Europe to Brazil and back at a vast $100,000 a day.

Mining major BHP Billiton staged a huge raid on the capesize market last week and returned to book the 170,700-dwt CSK Grandeur (built 2000) from China to Australia and back at $67,000. The 150,800-dwt C. Polaris (built 1995) got $3,000 a day more for a similar itinerary from BHP.

Rival Rio Tino spent a comparatively low $59,500 per day for the same voyage with the 149,700-dwt Coppersmith (built 1995).

The period market was quiet with Hong Xiang paying $26,000 a day for 11 to 13 months with the 147,500-dwt Ocean Enery (built 1990).


Cargill is avoiding the Gulf of Aden as it takes the 75,800-dwt Navios Cielo (built 2003) from the Med to the Persian Gulf at $32,000 a day.

Rio is paying the same for the 77,100-dwt Clara (built 2006) to run from the southern Atlantic to China.

The 76,600-dwt Nord Fortune (built 2008) attracted $26,000 a day for a trip from Europe to Brazil and back

Bunge paid $20,000 and $22,000 respectively for similar voyages with the 75,700-dwt Red Iris (built 2003) and the 69,600-dwt Mass Prosperity (built 1993).

Bunge also has the 73,800-dwt Kalypso (built 1997) from Brazil to Japan at $23,250 per day plus a ballast bonus of $450,000.

Also going from Brazil but to Europe with the same bonus is the 74,200-dwt Ocean Baron (built 2002) for Cobelfret with a day rate of $18,000.

Italy’s RBD Armatori paid $23,000 a day for 12 to 14 months with the 73,700-dwt Barbara (built 1997).


Oldendorff has been very active in all asset classes and the German spent $30,000 a day for a trip from the Black Sea to the Far East with the 52,100-dwt Gloriana (built 2000). The charterer is not avoiding the Gulf of Aden, however.

Oldendorff also spent $24,000 a day for the 47,600-dwt Spar Orion (built 1996) to go from the Black Sea to the Far East, also via the Suez.

A roundtrip between China and India cost $18,500 with the 58,00-dwt Genco Hunter (built 2007) and another in the Atlantic cost $17,000 with the 52,400-dwt Lotus (built 2001).

The 52,400-dwt Doric Spirit (built 2001) went for four to six months at $15,400, the 48,900-dwt Globetrotter (built 2000) going for the same period at $14,250.

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 12:49 GMT, 15 Jun 2009 | last updated: 12:50 GMT, 15 Jun 2009