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BDI torsdag 18.06.09 +47 pkt.

13786 fcras 18/6 2009 16:25

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 4073 UP 47

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 7980 UP 155
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 3162 DOWN 14
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 1735 UP 21
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 783 DOWN 6

18/6 2009 21:23 fcras 013808

The capesize market is steaming at the moment with rates continuing to go upwards in virtually all lanes.

The $100,000 a day barrier set by Classic Maritime earlier was burst in the Atlantic while Australia pick-ups headed to China continue to get a few thousand more a day.

Similarly the panamax market is thriving and Richstone was a significant mover as it signed up for a trio of Black Sea pick-ups headed for China.


Bunge was the one raising the bar to $103,000 for an Atlantic roundtrip with the 169,000-dwt Maria A Angelicoussis (built 2001). The charter is a huge coup for Swiss Marine which is reletting it after taking it in late 2008 for three years at just $45,000 a day.

The 172,000-dwt Channel Alliance (built 1996) went close with a trip from the Persian Gulf to Brazil and China, bagging $100,000.

There were three China-Australia roundtrips of note from BHP Billiton. The miner paid $91,000 for the 171,300-dwt Glorious (built 2004), $87,500 for the 171,000-dwt Aquacharm (built 2003) and $85,000 for the 174,000-dwt CHS World (built 2005).

The middle of the trio was a relet from Goldman Sachs outfit J Aron which itself booked the 171,000-dwt Jean LD (built 2005) for a China-Brazil roundtrip at $76,750.

The period market was a little down as Swiss Marine paid $59,000 a day for five to seven months with the 169,000-dwt Golden Feng (built 2009).


Richstone’s trio of charters from the Black Sea to China caught the eye. The charterer paid $38,000 for the 72,100-dwt New Leader (built 1996), $27,000 for the 69,000-dwt Nosco Glory (built 1995) and $25,500 for the 68,800-dwt Haina Wealth (built 1989).

Hanjin beat the top figure by $500 a day as it splashed out on the 76,600-dwt Queen Lily (built 2004) for a front haul.

A run from South Africa to China netted the 74,700-dwt Maddalena d’Amato (built 2001) $33,000.

And Parakou has the 74,200-dwt Tian Du Feng (built 2001) for a Pacific roundtrip at $25,000 a day.

Having just taken the 77,800-dwt Tai Progress (built 2004) for five to seven months at $31,000 a day earlier this week, STX Pan Ocean has relet it to Kru Trade for the entire period at $32,750 a day.

Cobelfret tied down the 83,700-dwt Torm Saltholm (built 2008) for 11 to 13 months at $22,500 and Eastern Ocean has the 74,300-dwt Diamond Seas (built 2001) at $23,000 for nine or 10 months.


Spot rates were looking a little rosier here but there were still not great shakes.

Norden booked the 53,600-dwt Matumba (built 2005) from the US Gulf to the Far East at $31,000 a day.

The 56,000-dwt Santa Anna (built 2006) managed $25,000 a day for a trip from the Southern Atlantic to Southeast Asia. This is the same as Windrose paid for a US Gulf-Med spin with the 48,100-dwt Syrena (built 1997).

Oldendorff spent $15,250 a day on four to six months with the 52,400-dwt Cos Lucky (built 2003).

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 13:24 GMT, 18 Jun 2009 | last updated: 13:24 GMT, 18 Jun 2009