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BDI fredag 26.06.09 NO CHANGE

14330 fcras 26/6 2009 16:17

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 3703 NO CHANGE

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 7106 UP 72
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 2817 DOWN 51
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 1734 DOWN 16
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 764 DOWN 4

26/6 2009 16:21 fcras 014331

July, 2-5 / Gdynia, Poland >

July, 11-14 / Saint Petersburg, Russia >

July, 23-26 / Turku, Finland >

July, 31 - August, 3 / Klaipeda, Lithuania >


Organised by: Sail Training International >

Danmark er selvfølgelig deltager med flere sejlførende skibe bl. a. Georg Stage

26/6 2009 20:18 fcras 014356

Armada (Singapore) was making waves in the panamax market for the second day in a row as it took a ship which recently escaped pirates in the Gulf of Aden on a voyage charter.

Rates were generally down again on Friday but there was still quite a bit of movement in the Pacific and a trip to the Far East from the US Gulf stretched Bunge’s wallet.


Armada’s punt was for a trip from Southeast Asia to India with the 83,200-dwt OBO Maud (built 1993) at $21,000 a day plus a ballast bonus of $250,000. The Liberia-flagged ship was attacked in the Gulf of Aden at the end of May but was rescued by the Indian Navy (click here to read related article in full).

Bunge has spent $32,000 a day and a massive bonus of $600,000 to sail the 69,500-dwt Marina Wave (built 1991) from the US Gulf to the Far East.

There was plenty of demand for Australian cargoes with the 76,800-dwt Alessandro Volta (built 2005) picking up $23,000 for a trip from Japan and back to China while Oldendorff paid $20,000 for a similar voyage with the 75,400-dwt Medi Singapore (built 2006).

The 74,800-dwt Yong Huan (built 2000) cost $22,000 a day for a roundtrip from China to Australia with Sinochart spending $20,000 on the same itinerary with the 72,500-dwt Ever Blossom (built 1997). The 75,700-dwt Coronado (built 2000) got $20,500 for the run.

Klaveness is also taking the 70,100-dwt Powerful (built 1994) from China to Australia but then on to the Persian Gulf at $23,000 daily.

But South American cargoes were also wanted out east. Cosco spent $22,000 a day on a roundtrip from China with the 75,600-dwt Montrose (built 2002) while Dreyfus has the 72,900-dwt Pontodamon (built 2001) at $19,300.

In keeping with a recent lull, the period market was very quiet but Oldendorff did spend $28,250 daily on three or four months with the 76,800-dwt Betis (built 2004).


And the German remained very busy further down the tonnage scale as it picked up the 55,800-dwt Orient Phoenix (built 2007) from Med to the Baltic and Far East at $29,000.

A high was the $27,500 a day Cargill will spent if it takes the 52,200-dwt Marylisa V (built 2003) all the way to the Far East from West Africa. Otherwise it is spending $17,200 daily for the shorter hop to Europe.

Seawin has the 55,500-dwt Jin Yi (built 2007) from India to China at $22,000, the same as the 47,300-dwt Aolucky (built 1998) cost from the US Gulf to Brazil.

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 12:44 GMT, 26 jun 2009 | last updated: 12:47 GMT, 26 jun 2009