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BDI onsdag 01.07.09 -15 pkt.

14582 fcras 1/7 2009 20:55

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 3742 DOWN 15

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 7122 DOWN 119
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 2984 UP 80
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 1703 UP 2
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 749 DOWN 5

1/7 2009 21:07 fcras 014586

Allseas fixes
Greek owner Allseas has fixed a pair of panamaxes to Alfred C Toepfer for two years, each at decent rates.

Toepfer was not alone in going long on panamaxes as a number of other units were taken for two years and some for a year.

The panamax spot market was also very active and front hauls unsurprisingly attracted the highest rates with good action also on the Atlantic side.


SST spent a lowly $24,000 a day on a trip from China to the US east coast and back with the 138,000-dwt Good News (built 1982). This low rate and a general lack of fixtures sent the index diving 119 points.


Toepfer has taken Allseas’ 74,400-dwt Coral Seas (built 2006) and 74,100-dwt Calm Seas (built 1999) for between 23 and 25 months each at $15,750 per day a piece.

Pacific Bulk spent $18,500 a day on the same period with the 76,500-dwt Golden Sakura (built 2007).

And Flame has the 73,200-dwt Great Bright (built 1997) also for two years but at $17,000.

Bunge went for one year with the 74,500-dwt Iolcos Unity (built 2006) and had to find $18,500 a day.

One eye-catcher was the ballast bonus of $850,000 on top of the hefty day rate of $38,000 the 76,800-dwt Thor (built 1995) attracted for a trip from South America to the Far East.

Fairwind paid the same day rate for a front haul via Canada with the 76,400-dwt Ocean Prince (built 2004).

And big spender Richstone was not far behind as it found $35,000 daily for the 75,600-dwt Red Seto (built 2002) to go from the Med and Black Sea to China.

Russia’s Suek spent $31,000 on the 70,400-dwt Hanjin New Orleans (built 1994) to run a roundtrip from Western Europe to Murmansk.

The 74,400-dwt Medi Tokyo (built 1999) got $29,500 daily for an Atlantic roundtrip from Cobelfret.

Going from the Atlantic to the Red Sea is the 72,000-dwt Theorokos (built 1984) at $24,500.

And Armada (Singapore) continues to do deals as it spent $20,000 a day and a bonus of $230,000 for the 69,200-dwt Guo Dian 6 (built 1993) to head from Southeast Asia to India.


There was a decent period charter rate as the 53,500-dwt Salaminia (built 2001) cost $17,000 a day for about nine months.

A trip from India to China cost $21,000 daily with the 52,000-dwt Bianco Bulker (built 2001).

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 12:47 GMT, 01 jul 2009 | last updated: 12:47 GMT, 01 jul 2009