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BDI onsdag 08.07.09 - 109 pkt

14951 fcras 8/7 2009 17:42

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 3107 DOWN 109

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 5336 DOWN 331
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 2897 DOWN 20
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 1749 UP 25
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 766 UP 7

8/7 2009 18:05 fcras 014953

Panamax progress
Unsurprisingly front hauls continued to rule the roost in the panamax sector but the index dived despite upward movement in voyage rates.

There was even a plus-$40,000 a day deal with some in the high $30,000 and many over $20,000 on other routes.


The 76,800-dwt Lord Byron (built 2005) managed $40,500 per day for a run from the Med to the Black Sea and on to the Far East.

Noble has the 82,800-dwt Clipper Suffolk (built 2006) from northern Europe to Canada and China at $38,500 a day while Pacific Bulk spent just $500 a day less for a trip from the Med to Brazil and China with the 73,700-dwt Calm Seas (built 1999).

There were good enough rates on the Atlantic side too with Swiss Marine spending $30,000 on a northern European trip with the 76,600-dwt Red Rose (built 2003). And a similar itinerary cost the same charterer $500 a day less with the 75,300-dwt Nordtrave (built 2001).

The 76,500-dwt Double Rejoince (built 2006) also picked up $28,000 for an Atlantic roundtrip while Cargill spent $30,000 on a similar itinerary with the 73,400-dwt Endless (built 1999).

The commodities giant also spent $20,500 on a trip from the Persian Gulf to South America and Japan with the 72,900-dwt Ataman (built 2001), the same as Dreyfus spent on a Pacific roundtrip to South America with the 75,200-dwt Astrale (built 2000).

Another Pacific roundtrip cost $20,000 with the 76,000-dwt Botafogo (built 2001) and another $21,500 with the 75,600-dwt Dannan Island (built 2006).

The period market has been very quiet but Great Pacific did snap up the 76,600-dwt Hao Ying (built 2002) for four to six months at $18,250.


Armada continued to be active as it spent $16,500 a day for the 47,800-dwt Dingxianghai (built 2000) to go from West Africa to South America and back across to Europe.

In the period market Hanjin put down $18,000 per day for between four and six months with the 52,500-dwt Apageon (built 2005).

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 12:55 GMT, 08 jul 2009 | last updated: 12:55 GMT, 08 jul 2009