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BDI tirsdag 14.07.09 +122

15222 fcras 14/7 2009 17:08

14/7 2009 18:06 fcras 015224

Indices up

The capesize index spiked on Tuesday as a number of iron ore cargoes were reportedly booked from Brazil, heading both east and west.

Bunge kept the period market afloat with a handsome rate for a lengthy charter while supramaxes stagnated here.

Panamax and supramax spot rates rebounded slightly, too, with hefty activity between India and China.


Bunge has spent $34,500 per day for about two and a half years with Vogemann’s 170,600-dwt Bulk Asia (built 2001) from around the fourth quarter this year.


DryShips’ 70,400-dwt Iguana (built 1996) got a tasty $27,000 per day for a trip from India to China this month, a route plied by many supramaxes.

The 68,400-dwt Neelam (built 1989) is getting $21,800 a day for a similar trip but from the Persian Gulf.

There was quite a flurry of activity in the Pacific with both BHP Billiton and Noble taking roundtrips from the Far East to Australia at $19,000 a day each. The former has the 73,600-dwt Naias (built 2006) while the latter got the 72,900-dwt Alpha Future (built 1999).

There were other Pacific roundtrips too as the 82,000-dwt Fortune Miracle (built 2009) cost $20,250 and the 74,500-dwt Pearl Seas (built 2006) $17,750.


The voyage charter market is looking pretty good in this sector now with $24,000 a day going for a trip from India to China with the 55,400-dwt Genco Predator (built 2005).

The 46,600-dwt Expander (built 2000) and the 46,000-dwt Power Ranger (built 1996) got $19,250 and $17,500 per day respectively for the same itinerary.

The 58,900-dwt Friendly Seas (built 2008) is to head from Singapore to India before coming back to China at $19,000 a day.

A Pacific roundtrip from the Far East to the US west coast cost $19,000 with the 55,400-dwt Tai Honesty (built 2007).

Things were stronger in the Atlantic as Armada spent $21,000 a day fixing the 46,700-dwt Konkar Georgis (built 1997) on a roundtrip from the Med.

Another roundtrip set an unidentified charterer back $22,000 with the 51,500-dwt Maria D (built 2002).

Nobody was willing to commit to tonnage for too long or too much. North China Shipping spent just $16,500 a day for three to five months with the 53,700-dwt Marietta Bolten (built 2009).

The same term cost Oldendorff $15,750 with the 53,000-dwt Yin Shun (built 2009).

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 12:47 GMT, 14 jul 2009 | last updated: 12:47 GMT, 14 jul 2009