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BDI torsdag 23.07.09 -52 pkt.

15650 fcras 23/7 2009 16:44

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 3355 DOWN 52

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 5218 DOWN 201
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 3495 UP 36
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 2095 UP 9
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 874 UP 8
Capesize Bulk Carrier “Shin-Sho” 2006 - 177.000 dwt (Sandigan Ship Service Inc., Philippines)
20.07.09, alongside DBCT, Hay Point loading coal. - Photo: © tropic maritime photos, Australia

23/7 2009 17:19 fcras 015651

Fifty five-a-day
Panamaxes came steaming back on Thursday with a couple of roasting-hot front haul voyage rates. Some period charter rates were also quite attractive.

Still quiet on the capesize front and a trip in the Atlantic cost Swiss Marine way less than it would have a month ago.


Capesizes (Index 55.818 USD/d)

That was the charter of Five Star Shipping of India’s 169,100-dwt Maha Anosha (built 2009) for a transatlantic roundtrip at $60,000. Four to six weeks ago this itinerary was going for $100,000 a day.


Panamaxes (Index 27.973 USD/d)

One Chinese charterer has spent a whopping $55,000 a day for Marmaras Navigation’s 94,000-dwt Pergamos (built 2007) to sail from Europe to West Africa and on to China next month.

Bertling challenged this on the front-haul route by spending $48,000 daily for Mercator Lines’ 73,900-dwt Gaurav Prem (built 2005).

Suek of Russia paid $36,000 per day for Klaus E Oldendorff’s 75,300-dwt Nordtrave (built 2001) to travel between the UK, the Baltic and Continental Europe.

The Pacific wasn’t too bad either as Rio Tinto spent $27,000 per day for the 93,000-dwt Loxandra (built 2007) to leave Taiwan for Australia and head back to China at the end of this month.

K Line has the 73,000-dwt C Journey (built 1995) for a similar trip but starting out from Japan and at just $21,000 per day.

The 62,900d-wt Dong Qing Hai (built 1991) is doing a straight China-Australia roundtrip at $19,000 daily.

The period deal of the day was probably a South Korean booking the 75,700-dwt Coronado (built 2000) for between two and 2.5 years at $18,250 per day.

This was followed closely by the $25,000 daily the 73,400-dwt Pole (built 1997) managed for a year from July.

RBD Armatori relet the 83,600-dwt Star of Dubai (built 2008) to Swiss Marine for five to seven months at $24,750 having taken it in May for a year at $17,000.

Oldendorff has the 75,300-dwt Arethusa (built 2001) for four to six months at $23,250 and K Line the 76,800-dwt Belgrano (built 2004) for on average a month less at $22,500.


Supramaxes (Index 21.905 USD/d)

There was a chance for good rates almost everywhere here but in particular there was a lot of movement out of India.

Bagadiya spent $32,000 per day on a trip from India to China with the 56,000-dwt Iris Halo (built 2005). Seawin is following the same itinerary with the 53,800-dwt Annita (built 2005) but for $29,000 a day.

And the 56,000-dwt Marjatta P (built 2006) will head from Southeast Asia to India before back tracking to China at $27,500.

On the Atlantic side Copenship has the 45,800-dwt Sophia (built 1996) for a haul from South America to Europe at a firm $32,000.

Oldendorff continued to spend and put down $24,000 a day for three to five months with the 45,500-dwt DS Commander (built 1994).

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 12:47 GMT, 23 jul 2009 | last updated: 12:47 GMT, 23 jul 2009

23/7 2009 20:18 fcras 015664

22.07.09 - The Australian: HERE we go again, Right on queue, the ships line up
DBCT loading facility 20-07-09, with (from left):
PEORIA, unberthing - SHIN-SHO, loading coal
PEGASUS ISLAND,waiting to load - NAVIOS FELICITY, loading

24/7 2009 10:42 fcras 015689

Thursday, 23 July 2009 19:39

Newbuilding prices turned out to have declined by around 20% from a year earlier, according to a leading research company.

Global newbuilding orderbook as of July 1st stood at 9,135 ships of 172.7m cgt and 534.2m dwt, Clarkson Research Services (CRS) said in its latest report.

Broken down, the order backlog is comprised of 3,319 bulkers (36%) 1,984 tankers (22%), 1,027 boxships (11%), 1,022 offshore vessels (11%) and 1,774 other ships (20%).

Capesize bulker orders occupied the largest part by taking some 27% , but it was down about 5% since the end of 2008.

Meanwhile, fresh orders reported in June totaled 12 ships of 1.9m dwt and 0.4m cgt, which improved significantly from ‘0' order in May. This is the greatest volume of deadweight contracted in a month since October last year.

In June 91 newbuildings equating to 7.7m dwt and 2.2m cgt were reported delivered. They include 35 bulkers of 3.5m dwt, 22 tankers of 2.8m dwt and 15 containerships with the Samsung Heavy Industries-built 13,800-teu "MSC KALINA" being the largest boxship completed in the month.

Last month 53 ships of 1.4m dwt were reported sold for scrap, the smallest monthly volume since November 2008.

Newbuilding Price Index declined for the ninth consecutive month and now stands at 151.6 points, the lowest level since January 2005. The figure is down by 14% against the beginning of this year, and it has fallen by around 19% year-on-year.

Meanwhile, the increased volume of new orders in June indicate the gap between newbuilding and secondhand ship prices is narrowing and this caused shipowners to recover interest in newbuildings.

However, many shipbuilders still remain somewhat conservative as they seek to avoid making room for price renegotiation on the existing orders on their orderbooks.

Also CRS said as buyer defaults increased, so did order renegotiations or resales.

Source: Asiasis