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BDI mandag 27.07.09 +62 pkt.

15824 fcras 27/7 2009 17:59

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 3407 UP 62

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 5339 UP 169
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 3509 DOWN 15
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 2090 DOWN 1
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 881 UP 2

27/7 2009 18:07 fcras 015826

Indonesia calling
Panamax charterers switched their focus to Indonesian cargoes with a plethora of pick-ups recently.

This is not to say that rates in Asia were particularly good, however, and they were easily outshone by whatever deals were pushed through on the Atlantic side.

The capesize market looked to be regaining some colour and Shourong was revealed as the player paying a massive rate for a front haul recently.


Capesizes (Index 57.471 USD/d

That was a trip with MOL’s 171,000-dwt Mona River (built 2000) sealed some days ago at an astounding $92,000 a day.

George Economou’s Classic Maritime is back in the game after a short hiatus, spending $69,000 a day for a transatlantic roundtrip with the 172,600-dwt Mona Pegasus (built 2000), also an MOL unit.

Seawin booked the 171,000-dwt Aquabreeze (built 2003) for a China-Australia roundtrip at $53,000 per day.

Parakou paid a ballast bonus of $400,000 and a day rate of $45,000 for a run from Asia to Brazil and back with the 170,100-dwt Katerina Warrior (built 1997).


Panamaxes (Index 28.086 USD/d

STX Pan Ocean paid a high $35,000 per day for a Med/Atlantic itinerary with the 76,800-dwt Lowlands Nello (built 2004).

Daeyang booked two roundtrips from the Far East to Indonesia at stable rates, first paying $23,500 a day for the 73,700-dwt Pacific Paradise (built 1993) and then $21,000 for the 69,000-dwt Silver Mei (built 1989)

Numerous other charterers also delved into the roundtrip route: NYK spent $24,000 per day on the 75,100-dwt Thalia (built 2001); STX $18,000 on the 69,600-dwt Shi Dai 7 (built 1993); and Danzas $17,500 on the 68,700-dwt Yue Dian 3 (built 1989).

Elsewhere the Australian Wheat Board is running the 73,500-dwt Solidarnosc (built 1991) from China to Australia and back at $19,500.

Period rates haven’t budged as Oldendorff went for three to five months with the 74,200-dwt Boreal (built 2002) at $23,500.

And Daebo has the 73,100-dwt Bunga Saga 9 (built 1999) for on average a month more at $21,000 a day.


Supramaxes (Index 21.849 USD/d

Supramax rates are flat by $24,000 per day from Hyundai Merchant for a roundtrip from the Far East to India is still good.

Indonesia was once again a centre of attention as Cargill booked an Asian roundtrip picking up cargo there with the 56,000-dwt Windsor Adventure (built 2008) at $21,000.

Jaldhi is sailing the 55,700-dwt Manna (built 2005) from China to Indonesia and on to India at a low 417,750.

Unsurprisingly a front haul faired better as the 48,000-dwt Feng Hai (built 1999) leaves West Africa for South America and the Far East for $26,750 per day.
By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 12:58 GMT, 27 jul 2009 | last updated: 12:58 GMT, 27 jul 2009

28/7 2009 12:21 fcras 015882

The Port of Newcastle > Shipping > Weekly Operations Report

Weekly Operations Report
Vessel Traffic Information Centre

Week Ended - 0700 hours 27 July 2009

There are 40 vessels off the port waiting to load 3,285,000 tonnes of coal. There are five vessels in the port loading 393,000 tonnes.

Average Waiting Time: 12.35 days