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Q&A med Genmab A/S, 27 November Kl. 16:00 Læs mere her

Erbil (Kurdistan's "Hovedstad") - The next Dubai

20625 JCBN 16/10 2009 21:35

Faldt lige over den her artikel, som beskriver ret godt, hvad det egentlig er de kære kurdere har gang i dernede. Jeg har set en del optagelser, og udsendelser nede fra Kurdistan, og har egentlig været målløs over så "moderne" det hele er.

Nogle folk har et helt forkert billede af Kurdistan og KRG. Og til de som egentlig ik rigtig ved, hvad der egentlig foregår dernede, kan jeg kun anbefale at de læser denne gode artikel.

Der står intet om DNO, men nu hvor DNO arbejder tæt sammen med KRG, og har hjulpet med mange sociale opgaver, sætter jeg DNO tag på.

Det her er ren information om Kurdistan, intet at gøre med aktier som sådan, derfor postes den også i Lounge.

The people of Erbil and the rest of the Kurds who live in Iraqi Kurdistan favor to use the historical name ?Lir? in reference to the Kurdish region?s capital, Erbil, as homage to the history of the region, way back to over 6,000 years. This history bears evidence to the fact that the Kurds, as a nation, settled in northern Mesopotamia thousands of years ago and that they are not foreigners to this region.

Erbil is written: Arbil or Irbil; BGN: Erb?l; Kurdish: ???? ??, Hewlêr; Arabic: ??????, Arb?l; Syriac: ?????, Arbela; and Turkish: Erbil. Erbil is understood to be one of the oldest constantly inhabited cities in the world and is one of the biggest cities in Iraq. It is a commercial, agricultural, and administrative center. The city is the capital of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region and the Kurdistan Regional Government. Erbil, or Hewler, [in the Kurdish language] is known for its natural beauty such as evergreen valleys, mountains with snow-capped peaks, spectacular waterfalls that gush out of mountain rocks and other nature?s wonders. The Zab River runs close to the center of the city descending between mountainous passageways, creating a remarkable and extra ordinary landscape.

Kurds have traumatic and bitter experiences from various bombings, forced deportation, torments and other violation of human rights in the hands of Saddam Hussein?s regime. Finally free from his totalitarian grip, the Kurds for the first time in 1991, have flourished economically, socially and politically with relative freedom and stability. Now the whole of Kurdistan is free.
Arabs are viewed as strangers by the Kurds because of the grief they suffered. Kurds are reminded by the past whenever Arabs are in the picture. In psychology, traumatic experience can be gradually healed. This will definitely take time and Erbil must embrace positivity. No Iraqi flags would mean a state of comfort to Kurdistan. This is an initial step they take to experience freedom.

With the will to move on, Erbil is now a hard to believe location for significant economic prosperity. Kurdistan now serves as gateway to Iraq. According to Bashdar Ismaeel Article, The districts of Erbil and Sulaimanyia in particular have experienced an unparalleled economic boom, with skyscrapers and new projects dotting the landscape. The price of land has increased dramatically and foreign investors, scared by the terrorist and bloodshed of other parts of the country are flocking to the relative stability of the Kurdish north. New technology, two mobile networks, Internet cafes and a host of other services are now commonplace. Even Arabs have come to appreciate and benefit from the prosperity, with daily buses taking young Arab workers keen to earn money to the major cities looking for unskilled labor. Some Arab families are even settling in the area.
From an awful past to a bright future! Erbil shall flourish. There are no detailed figures on how much money has been invested in Kurdistan since 2000, when the rest of Iraq slipped into violence and the north remained stable. The board of investment has approved more than 3.5 billion dollars in development projects. The Kurds? main argument to persuade foreigners to visit and invest is security and this post a great challenge to the Kurdistan Regional Government.
With optimism and a firm belief that Erbil shall be a destination to the world, despite the horrible past, let us take the journey to its revival.

Erbil is heralding a bright future and is witnessing great deal of construction work, modern buildings, and trade centers for international business, luxurious palaces, and glass-front offices. It has been reported that in central Erbil, high-rise buildings are under construction on the site of what was once a cemetery. A tall concrete tower rises near Erbil's international airport. A 22-storey luxury hotel will be the tallest in the whole of northern Iraq's Kurdistan region. In addition, dozens of other hotels are under construction, with some promising five-star lavish rooms to clients.

The International airport of Erbil acts as the gateway to the world. It is currently negotiating with AITA airlines to operate in the near future. Additionally, there were new housing projects such as Dream City, British Village and Royal City. A large area has been transformed into a park named after the martyr Sami Abdul Rahman. In addition, the project to build a race track is underway. Near the airport, Naz City, a new complex of 14 high-rise apartment towers, is cabled for high-speed internet access. New hotels under construction include one by the German luxury hospitality chain Kempinski. In addition to rising in the shadow of Erbil?s citadel, near where Alexander the Great defeated King Darius of Persia, the huge Nishtiman mall features Kurdistan?s first escalator.

To date, three services projects were set up in Koweih district in Erbil at a total cost of 633 million Iraqi dinars, the head of the district's municipality said. "The projects were financed through the provincial development projects budget for the year 2008, Araz Howiezi told Aswat al-Iraq. The cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has approved for a supplementary budget of $161 million for Erbil, bringing the total for the province's budget to nearly 322 million dollars next year.

Indeed, with these new developments, the KRG are not stopping their initiatives to attain socio-cultural, political, global and economic stability which are very relevant to international trading. Erbil as the next Dubai is a benchmark for the government and its people. Dubai emerged and maintained its importance as a trade route through the 1970s and 1980s. Dubai development transpired when the government decided to diversify from a trade-based, however, oil-reliant economy to one that is service- and tourism-oriented country development. Dubai has attracted worldwide attention through innovative property development and real estate projects backing up with continuous international corporate events. This increased attention, coinciding with its emergence as a world-class business portal. This has made real estate, hospitality-tourism and other developments more valuable, resulting in the property boom from the year 2004 to 2006. Construction on a large scale has turned Dubai into one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, most ambitious and renowned world-breaker architectural designs.

Erbil may still be that far from what Dubai has achieved however, gradually it will lead there. The focus on service and tourism oriented business strategy is a good start given the historical, geographical, and archeological aspects of the place.

Other initiatives of KRG are the collaborative tie up with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which pioneered the restoration process of the Erbil citadel. UNESCO?s director in Iraq Mohamed Jaleed stated, ?UNESCO is acting to protect the existing monuments in the Kurdistan region by taking on a number of projects, preparing cadres and launching an educational television channel.? One of the priorities of the government is to provide and improve the education sector. Additionally, water facilities were restored to its aqueducts, training cadres to protect industries, and providing assistance to museums.

Likewise, to correlate with the tourism industry, the Minister of Tourism Nimrud Baito Yokhana stated, ?The Kurdistan Regional Government took the initiative and asked UNESCO to help in restoring the Erbil citadel and to classify archeological sites in Kurdistan as part of international and human heritage,? indicating that the Erbil citadel as well as the history of the region are tourist attractions.

Unlike what were portrayed in the media, the KRG welcomes local, Arab and Western investors, including Turks, Lebanese, and mostly Saudis by encouraging the private sector to transform Kurdistan into a ?gateway to Iraq for businessmen.? The region of Kurdistan in reality, if not officially, is independent as part of a country in which chaos is prevailing. In light of the remarkable boom, officials are awaiting the profits of oil production. Those in charge of regional affairs seek to portray the region as ?an oasis of safety and stability?. The Kurdish Peshmerga forces, along with other security forces, uphold the mission of protecting the region.
The authorities stressed that they have formed a dynamic parliamentary democracy where fundamental rights are guaranteed, including those of minorities, such as Christians who have sought refuge there after fleeing the more volatile areas of Iraq.

Meanwhile, with the aim of boosting ties and economical relations, the Kurdish government announced intentions to open 15 regional offices abroad, in mainly key European countries. The KRG has worked particularly hard to foster trust and mutual ties with neighboring countries. Iran and particularly Turkey, perhaps still a long way from official and all-important acknowledgment of the KRG, has played a major role in the economic advancement of the region.

How about the status of its residents? The KRG announce the opening of the Bright Future Foundation (BFF) for Microcredit in the Kurdistan Region. With this program thousands of people in the region will benefit from small loans which will improve their living standard through small business projects. The concept of microcredit is very essential to uplift poverty. It helps to provide short-terms loans. This system will help people to develop new business projects or expand already existing businesses. With this the government aimed to reduce unemployment and encourage its people to develop their capabilities.


Each nation has its own ups and downs. The government and its people must work hand and hand to promote prosperity after a long tyranny. Some of the transitional initiatives must provide quick-dispensing, high-impact grants meeting critical needs such as providing short-term employment, restoring basic government and community services, increasing access to information and communication, and encouraging protection of human rights. In order to achieve sustainable growth and development the authorities must seek assistance that empowers policy makers to formulate and execute decisions based on economic data, and to implement modern best practices in socio-economic governance.

The initiatives must provide a framework for private sectors? trade, commerce, and investment throughout the region. Like Dubai, Erbil can be developed as a destination for archeological study, natures? historical wonders and a chance for various investments to succeed. A strong collaboration to work in conjunction with the ministries, the private sector, and higher education institutions to revitalize agricultural production, stimulate income and employment generation, nurture rural development initiatives, and rehabilitate the natural resource base must be realize in order to strengthen the government?s strategy developments.

In addition, it must be noted that the KRG needs to tie up with international non government organizations and humanitarian organizations with a mission to foster civic education, civil society, media, women?s participation, good governance, conflict mitigation, human rights, and transitional justice. Moreover, they need to tap an organization that shall provide technical assistance and information on contracting opportunities for local businesses and entrepreneurs through business centers. Moreover, they aim to help the government develop an IT strategy to automate planning, budgeting, project implementation and evaluation including reporting processes across ministries for a business friendly environment for the locators and investors.

Opening up to the world is a great challenge, it cannot be done overnight however, the KRG have notable achievements and bonded well with the key countries. Key assistance of global powers is indeed necessary. With the presence of U.S., U.K., consulates, number of other diplomatic representations will be springing up in the region at a more rapid rate. Let economic opportunity replace the conflicts and hurt surpassed by Erbil. Let there be change for the good of all.
Additionally, it is suggested that the KRG adopts the generic formula for sustainable development that support the economic development, social and cultural development with particular emphasis on the people living below the poverty line, support environment and natural resources management, and support progress in good governance and human rights promotion, fleshing out peace and social justice for all. The enabling strategies are appropriate time-bound planning and budgeting, appropriate thematic focus and strategic resource allocation and mobilization.
There are many obstacles in opening up Kurdistan to the world. However, it will only take one big step from the leaders to have strong political-will, the power of claim-making, the ambition to embrace and welcome the challenges of tourism development, a vision to establish safe and peaceful socio-economic and political environment as unleashing Erbil?s ingredients to be an ?internationally competitive destination? ? with unique historical and cultural sites and monuments, eco-tourism and adventure travel opportunities, the land of waters?skiing and resort marina development are possible in the East of Erbil.

Further, maintaining a healthy business climate amongst local people and foreigners to balance and stabilize economic portfolio. A well-manage environmental reserves, private sectors? proactive participation and on-going people empowerment liberating from history of darkness allowing ?reconstruction and rebuilding? communities towards sustainable development.
There are so many development ideas to mention, one by one it will come to reality with great optimism and will. We have seen everyone striving, let there be more perseverance and persistence. Gradually, there will be new legacies in Erbil, not the turmoil of the pasts however,