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GOLD 1214.80

22984 cyber 3/12 2009 00:40

Intet tyder på nogen korrektion i guldet...

Dec 02, 2009 (The Economic Times - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- Indian Spot Gold crossed 18k mark on Tuesday and is currently trading at Rs 18,135/10gms. On MCX Gold Feb'10 contract made a high of Rs 17,999/10gms and is all set to cross the Rs 18,000/10gms mark.

According to Religare Commodities, Rs 17,840 was the second resistance level. Gold has already breached today's expectation level of Rs 17,850.

On the international front Spot Gold is already trading at higher levels of the day and made a high of $1.199.4 in European markets. It may cross $1,200 any time now.

Yesterday, gold movement was quite wavy on the COMEX -- it fell around six per cent in initial trading hours but in later trading sessions it recovered lost ground and gained five per cent from the low. Today, International spot is more than 15 per cent higher as compared to previous day's close of $1,179.4/ounce. The US dollar Index also slid, it hit a low of 74.535, bolstering the value of gold as a weaker dollar makes dollar priced gold more attractive for non-US investors.

3/12 2009 08:32 akademikeren 022986

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10/12 2009 14:37 akademikeren 023311

NEW YORK -- Don't be suckered into thinking the recent plunge in gold prices means a bubble has burst.

It's just too early to say if it's just a pop.

My bet: Bullion's bull market remains intact because the factors fueling the rally haven't disappeared.

Last Friday, the price of gold saw its biggest one-day drop since March 2008. It slid to $1,142.50 a troy ounce in London on Monday from an all-time high around $1,218.25 Thursday following Friday's modestly favorable employment news.

That's a mere 6% blip in a year-to-date surge of approximately 31%.

"It is a correction in a long-term uptrend," says Jeffrey Nichols, senior economic adviser to Rosalind Capital. It's a trend he sees lasting "at least another couple of years."

Nichols' reasons: Loose monetary and fiscal policy that could lead to inflation, resurgent demand for the metal by central banks, increased investment interest from institutions and individuals, and declining worldwide mine output.

Two of the items worthy of further discussion: Investment demand and loose monetary policy.

Investment demand is important because although historically the majority of gold has been used for making jewelry, high gold prices are highly correlated with strong investment demand.

Does buying gold make sense now?
Gold prices have kept climbing but investors' enthusiasm is far from fading. What should individuals do? India bureau chief Paul Beckett speaks to personal finance reporter Shefali Anand about the issue.

A quick look at the bullion holdings of the SPDR Gold Shares exchange-traded fund (GLD 110.20, -0.64, -0.58%) shows investors weren't bailing last week. The fund only saw a drop of about 1.5 metric tons Friday. That's miniscule compared with the current total of approximately 1,130 tons.

On monetary expansion, James Turk, founder of, says, "The amount of new money created during the financial crisis has debased the dollar more rapidly than the gold price has risen."

So in his view there is still more upside. But none of this means that gold prices will go up in a straight line. In fact, prices could retreat quite substantially and still leave the uptrend intact.

So how low can it go before folks start to get worried?

A correction back to $1,000 wouldn't be crazy, explains John Roque, a technical analyst at WJB Capital Group in Manhattan, in a recent research report. Presumably, the uptrend could resume after a downward or sideways move, which gets me to my initial point: The truth is we'll have to wait and see.

10/12 2009 16:23 renek 223319

Her er lidt oversolgte betingelser på FCX, GG, IAG og EGO. GLD og SLV er overgså oversolgte. Ja, surprise...hele guldmarkedet er gået fra massivt overkøbt til langt mere oversolgt. Der kan være nogle gode suppleringsmuligheder, hvis man har styr på sin money management. Er man ude og ønsker at komme ind, ville jeg vente og se om ikke korrektionen kunne bliver dybere. Tallet med rødt i kursaksen er det foreslåede stop loss med 3xATR(10). ATR er et udtryk for en akties spænd.





17/12 2009 16:23 akademikeren 023577