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BULK - BDI & Fixtures 26.02.10

26451 fcras 26/2 2010 17:27

Baltic Exchange Dry Index 2738 UP 27

BCI Baltic Exchange Capesize Index 3174 DOWN 22
BPI Baltic Exchange Panamax Index 3399 UP 74
BSI Baltic Exchange Supramax Index 2288 UP 39
BHSI Baltic Exchange Handysize Index 1153 UP 20

BULK - Fixtures 26.02.10
Golden fixes
Oldendorff kept top capsize spot rates up with a pricey front haul fixture and Golden Ocean fixed a newbuild for four years.

Panamax voyage rates failed to keep pace with earlier in the week but there were still some numbers above $30,000 a day.

Capesizes (Index 28.378 usd/day)

Oldendorff has the 169,400-dwt Battersea (built 2009) from North Europe to China via South America at $43,000 a day.

Hyundai Merchant made the most of continuing weakness in the pacific with a roundtrip from China to Brazil at $27,000 with the 173,700-dwt C Vision (built 2008).

Winning spent a paltry $15,000 a day on the 161,400-dwt Sealink Prosperity (built 1984) from Chine to Indonesia and back.

Golden Ocean has found work for a 176,000-dwt newbuilding out of Jinhaiwan from August for four years at $29,000 a day, Hongxiang Shipping the charterer.

Panamaxes (Index 27.326 usd/day)

STX Pan Ocean spent a huge $37,000 a day plus a bonus of $850,000 for the 68,500-dwt CSK Unity (built 1995) to head from Brazil to the Far East.

Cargill has the 75,100-dwt Amalia (built 2000) from Southeast Asia to South America and the Far East at $32,000. The grain giant also spent $31,000 on a roundtrip from the Med to Brazil with the 72,300-dwt Rubin Power (built 1996).

Another trip from the Far East to South America and back set a charterer back $26,000 with the 74,400-dwt Poseidon (built 2002).

Azure spent $25,500 a day plus a bonus of $540,000 on the 68,500-dwt Belem (built 1995) from Brazil to the Med.

Klaveness has the 72,500-dwt Christina IV (built 2000) from China to Australia and back at $32,000.

A similar itinerary but to Indonesia set another charterer back $24,000 a day with the 73,500-dwt Polska Walczaca (built 1992).

The 76,600-dwt Great Talent (built 2005) earned a large $34,500 for four to six months, the much older 63,900-dwt Daffodil (built 1983) getting just $17,500 for the same period. The former begins from the Med and the latter from the Far East, however.

Dreyfus has the 76,500-dwt Maribella (built 2004) for three to five months at $27,750 a day.

Supramaxes (Index 23.927 usd/day)

There was some good, steady period activity here with the 55,200-dwt Dalior (built 2005) taken for nine to 11 months at $22,500.

Oldendorff has the 52,800-dwt Kang Chang (built 2001) for four to six months from the Med at $30,000, the 53,100-dwt Elipda S (built 2002) costing $25,000 for the same period from Korea.

Norden spent $33,500 a day on a trip from Europe to the US Gulf and Far East with the 55,600-dwt Placid Sea (built 2004).

The 55,600-dwt Yasa Emirhan (built 2008) cost $26,500 a day from Southeast Asia to India.

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 13:33 GMT, 26 Feb 10 | updated: 13:33 GMT, 26 Feb 10

Panamax Bulk Carrier ?Golden Heiwa? 2007 ? 76.000 dwt.(Golden Ocean Group, Norway)
27.01.10 - departing DBCT, Hay Point for > Nagoya < after loading coal - Photo: © tropic maritime photos, Australia