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NCI, the shareholders guarantee of quality for Topotarget's Belinostat

27074 Jamesol 11/3 2010 18:42

The question is, if it isn't just the result of negative thinking habits that have the investors going far out of the way of the danish company TopoTarget A/S. And that alone for the company's status of a doubious biotec-company! However, I can't imagine that, just because Belinostat in its way towards approval moves from phase II to phase III in clinical trials, it will show us, the shareholders of the company, any ugly surprises.

What could result in differences of outcome between the phases II and III? That the company's own staff might feel a pressure to live up to the fine expectations during the phase I and II trials. After all Belinostat has been announced as the next expected big blockbuster in the sky with diamonts. But an unresponsible staff would never succeed in cheating up against the external evaluation following the phase III trials.

What under all circumstances can be reassuring for the shareholders, are the fact that an economicly neutral part, namely National Cancer Institute (NCI), are responsible for - and financing - no less than 12 of the Belinostat trials. The NCI, that belong under the american governments umbrella, are certainly not dreaming of economic earnings, when they are looking forward towards the final approval for Belinostat. In their focus are, solely, the wellbeing of american cancerpatients, who are in the need for more effective treatments.

So we, the shareholders of the danish biotec-company TopoTarget A/S, can rest in peace: Knowing that the 12 trials that NCI stands for, will never produce false results. The share has lately grown to the quote of about dkr. 5,40. But the sky is the limit, and the sky is full of diamonts.