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BULK - BDI & Fixtures 30.04.10

28774 fcras 30/4 2010 17:07

BDI 3354 down 5

Capesize BCI 3936 down 62
Panamax BPI 3900 up 9
Supramax BSI 2715 up 25
Handysize BHSI 1356 up 2


FIXTURES (Kontrakt sluttninger) 30.04.10

Three-year deals done

Capesizes headed back down on the index charts heading into the May Day weekend as the period market went quiet and front hauls ran out.

There was, however, still a good rate in the Atlantic from a George Economou company with voyage rates also steady for panamaxes where GMI booked a long-term period deal.

Capesizes (BCI 30.04.10 > 38.611 usd/day)

Classic Maritime spent $44,000 a day on the 178,400-dwt Cape Garland (built 2009) from Europe for an Atlantic roundtrip in mid May.

STX Pan Ocean has the 180,300-dwt Mineral Monaco (built 2005) from China to Australia and back to South Korea at a decent enough $35,000 a day.

Panamaxes (BPI 30.04.10 > 31.382 usd/day)

GMI has splashed out $21,000 a day for three years starting in the final quarter with an 81,000-dwt newbuilding from Korea. The same charterer spent $10,000 a day more on a four to six month deal with another 80,700-dwt newbuilding from Korea in May.

Safe Bulkers? 76,000-dwt Katerina (built 2004) was taken by an unidentified charterer for three years from March next year at $20,000 a day.

The 74,000-dwt Alabanda (built 1995) was booked for four to six months at $31,500 and the 77,800-dwt An Ho (built 2004) for seven to nine months at $29,000.

Hyundai Merchant had booked the 73,600-dwt Clymene (built 2006) for two years earlier this month at $25,000. The Korean has now relet it to MDS for a trip from South America to West Africa and the Med at $32,750.

Another trip in the Atlantic, a roundtrip from the Med to Brazil, set Windrose back $32,000 a day with the 71,800-dwt Amfialos (built 1990). Komrowski spent the same on another Atlantic itinerary with the 70,100-dwt Spar Neptun (built 1997).

Atlantic Coal & Bulk has the 76,400-dwt Iron Knight (built 2004) from North Europe to Murmansk and back or to the Med at $33,000 per day.

NYK spent $34,000 daily on a spin from China to Southeast Asia with the 73,400-dwt Pacific Breeze (built 2004).

A straight roundtrip between China and Australia set Brownstone back $30,000 with the 74,000-dwt Ocean Emperor (built 1998).

Supramaxes (BSI 30.04.10 > 28.384 usd/day)

Not for the first time recently Noble has spent big, the trading giant taking the 53,500-dwt White Diamond (built 2008) for about three months at $41,000 a day.

A year with the 57,000-dwt Jin Ao (built 2010) set someone back $22,600 a day while the 55,000-dwt An Chang (built 2009) set a charterer back $29,000 a day for eight or nine months.

The voyage market was slow but STX Pan Ocean still found a massive $46,000 a day for the 47,300-dwt Jin Qiang (built 1998) from South America to the Med.

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 12:43 GMT, 30 Apr 10 | updated: 12:43 GMT, 30 Apr 10



30/4 2010 19:03 fcras 028775

1/5 2010 06:40 fcras 028782

BDI week 17

Baltic Dry Index 3354 +341 (+11,32%)

Baltic Capesize 3936 +698 (+21,56%)
Baltic Panamax 3900 +143 (+3,81%)
Baltic Supramax 2715 +59 (+2,22%)
Baltic Handysize 1356 +5 (+0,37%)


April 30th, 2010 / Week 17

This week was all about capers with the BCI increasing just over 21.5% reaching shade below 4,000 points - and with it the BDI adding over 11% to end the week reaching 3,354 points. The remaining indices were also positive but nowhere near the above mentioned increases.

There is good sentiment in the dry bulk market at the moment but in general the S&P market is taking a breather this week ahead of the short holidays in the Far East with the number of deals being well below the average numbers of the past weeks. Among others we are reporting the sale of the ore carrier ?KAZUSA? (227,183 dwt / blt 1988 Japan) for a firm US$ 23.25 million to European buyers and also the kamsarmax type ?ZAGREB? (80,400 dwt / blt 2008 Jiangsu China) for US$ 39 million.

However, what is interesting to note is the pick up of activity in the tanker and container sectors. In the tanker segment a good volume of deals are taking place, albeit from listed buyers (Crude Carriers and Scorpio Tankers). In the container sector, buyers are rushing in to make deals in anticipation of better market conditions for the troubled container market.

Demolition activity is also down in volume with prices having corrected from their recent numbers. Activity in Bangladesh is low whilst in Pakistan non existent. India is the most active destination. The demolition deal of the week has to be the sale of the tanker ?FAIR VICTORIA? (10,579 dwt / blt 1982 / ldt 4,266) which was sold for US$ 810 per tonne (including 440 tonnes of stainless steel) basis delivery India.

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