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BULK - BDI & Fixtures 02.06.2010

29900 fcras 2/6 2010 18:40

Baltic Dry Index 02.06.2010

BDI -33/4041 pkt.

Capesize BCI +53/5455 pkt. = +392/59.324 usd

Panamax BPI -86/3995 pkt. = -695/32.051 usd

Suprsmax BSI -65/2865 pkt. = -678/29.959 usd

Handysize BHSI -13/1455 pkt. = -168/21.111 usd


Dry Bulk Fixtures 02.06.2010

Rio takes road to Oz
The capesize sector was awash with fixtures headed to Australia which pushed up rates on the bellwether Pacific route.

There was more gloom for panamaxes, however, with rates and the index once again falling.



Rio Tinto made a raid on the capesize sector and bagged a quartet of ships to head from China to Australia and back. It has the 165,700-dwt Irfon (built 1996) for $55,000 a day, the 170,200-dwt CSK Grandeur (built 2000) for $53,500 a day, the 170,800-dwt Setsuyo Star (built 1985) for $49,000 and the 148,000-dwt Hebei Tengfei (built 1990).

Rival BHP Billiton on the other hand has the 170,400-dwt Alpha Era (built 2000) from China to Australia and the Med at a Baltic Capesize Index-connected rate.

Bunge spent $29,000 daily heading from China to South Africa and back with the 152,300-dwt Gold Ease (built 1986).

It emerged that Classic Maritime has recently booked the 180,000-dwt Navios Happiness (built 2009) for three to five months from China in June at $40,000 per day.



Unsurprisingly lifts from Brazil went for the highest rate, Sinorich spending $35,000 daily plus $800,000 on top for the 75,800-xdwt Taskent (built 2003) to head to China.

A haul from Southeast Asia to Australia and China cost Cosco $31,000 a day with the 70,600-dwt Jia Ho (built 1997) while Noble has the 76,000-dwt Pan Uno (built 2001) for a Far East-Australia roundtrip at just $25,000.

A similar roundtrip to the latter cost Oldendorff $27,500 a day with the 73,100-dwt Bunga Saga 9 (built 1993).

A North Pacific roundtrip to and from Japan set Marubeni back $29,000 a day with the 80,700-dwt Zeynep K (built 2010).

Sinochart spent $31,000 daily on the 76,600-dwt Shi Dai I (built 2007) from India to South America and China.

In the period market Transgrain has the 73,700-dwt Great Loyalty (built 1999) for 11 to 13 months from the Med at $31,000.

And someone spent $30,000 on four to six months with the 76,900-dwt Ascanius (built 2004).


This sector is still very quiet but was woken up by the massive $54,000 a day someone spent on a trip from the US Gulf to the Far East soon with the 50,200-dwt Legend Phoenix (built 2002).

By Eoin O'Cinneide in London
Published: 13:50 GMT, 02 Jun 10 ' updated: 13:50 GMT, 02 Jun 10