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BULK - BRS Dry Bulk Newsletter October 4th, 2010

34428 fcras 5/10 2010 07:50

Asian markets were still on -- holiday this week -- but there was some action early on in the Capesize market, with rates rising nearly 10% due to a tight Atlantic market and activity by BHP and Rio in the Pacific. Panamaxes fared less well with the....... more here:


5/10 2010 07:54 fcras 034429

China holidays to put dry bulk rates under pressure

Oct 04,2010 00:00 by marcushand

Beijing: The national day holidays in China will likely put pressure on the dry bulk market this week.

China is on holiday from Monday through to Thursday.

“Overall chartering activity might fall again due to this week’s week-long National Day holiday celebration in China.

Chinese charterers will likely be absent from the market for a large portion of the week,” said Commordore Research in their weekly report.

Last week saw capesize rates rise 12% on increased activity, however panamaxes, supramaxes and handies remained under pressure.