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BULK/TANK - Week 40 / BDI +9,95% / Weekly Reports (5)

34596 fcras 9/10 2010 08:01

BULK/TANK__Week 40 / BDI +9,95% / Weekly Reports (5)__
Baltic Dry Index (BDI) week 40

BDI 2696 +244 pkt (+9,95%)

Capesize Index 4076 +657 pkt. (+19,22 %)
Panamax Index 2403 -9 pkt. (-0,37 %)
Supramax Index 1894 +51 pkt. (+2,77%)
Handysize Index 1033 -5 pkt. (-0,48%)

Weekly Market Report / week 40

Surprisingly, even though China is still on holiday, the spot capesize rates have shot up US$ 40,000 per day and as a result charterers are coming out for period business of short duration to offset the high spot rates........ more here:


Week Ending: 08 October 2010 (Week 40, Report No: 40/10)

Saturday, 09 October 2010

Week 40/10 ended with 36 sales reported in the secondhand and demolition market. The highest activity has been witnessed in the newbuilding market with 49 orders reported in total. The Baltic Dry Index closed on Friday at 2,696 points up....... more here:


Barry Rogliano Salles weekly TANKER Newsletter no 693

Saturday, 09 October 2010

What a strange week! Oil prices and, by consequence, bunker costs strongly increased creating more pressure on owners’ already poor results... The main other topic this week was obviously the French strike paralyzing.......... more here:


Gibson Tanker Report - Slim Pickings For Small Ships No Opec boost to VLCC markets?

Saturday, 09 October 2010

With the next OPEC meeting in less than a week, there is the usual market speculation with regards to the possible outcome of this gathering. Most analysts tend to agree that production quotas are unlikely to change as oil............. more here:


Bassoe Friday Report Week 40 Tanker chartering Crude

Saturday, 09 October 2010

Steady as she goes is the apt description of the VLCC market this week. For owners that is decidedly not good news as it means returns remain meager and rates for Meg/East have been flat at just below w45......... more here:

Norient Product Pool 50%














9/10 2010 08:11 fcras 034597

9/10 2010 08:17 fcras 034598

Capesize rates strengthen despite Chinese holidays

Oct 08,2010 00:00 by bjaques

London: This week saw a stronger market for the big dry bulk ships despite the Chinese holidays, reports the Baltic Exchange.

In its end-weekly update to members it noted that the Tubarao/China run is hovering around $30.00 and the timecharter rate hovering close to the mid $60,000 daily range.

In the East, as rates rose charterers were forced to fix tonnage on timecharter to cover West Australia/China hovering around $40,000 daily, continues the Baltic.

The major shippers were active this week and BHP Billiton and FMG still remained in the market for October tonnage although were dropping their rate ideas.

Period activity too was evident with short period in the east nudging the upper $30,000 daily and the mid $40,000 daily in the Atlantic.

"Most were now marking time waiting for next week when the Chinese are fully back in action," concluded the Baltic's gloss.

"Some talk circulated they were now short on ships and long on cargoes...the market awaits."