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BULK - Fixtures 13.04.2012/ Usd 17.000 + Ballast Bonus

55456 fcras 13/4 2012 10:24

Ifølge RS Platou,Oslo 13.04.2012

17 Fixtures for Kamsarmax - Panamax - Supramax bulkere

8 fixtures er sluttet på USD 17.000+

- flere med ballast bonus(BB)** på USD 60.000 til USD 700.000

Ballast bonus - a bonus paid to the ship owner for compensation for ballasting the ship to a delivery place

DNORD / København

GOGL / Oslo

JIN / Oslo


13/4 2012 10:59 fcras 055459

Richards Bay Coal Terminal March 2012 shipments up 12.2% on 2011 rate

Friday, 13 April 2012 ' 00:00

The March 2012 annualised shipping rate of coal from Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT), the world's largest coal terminal, rose to 73.47 million tons (Mt) from the 65.51 Mt shipped in 2011. The actual amount shipped in March was 6.24 Mt.

Coal received from coal mines rose by 13.7% in March to an annualised 74.28 Mt from the 65.35 Mt received in 2011.

RBCT is building up coal stockpiles ahead of the 10-day maintenance period of the Mpumalanga-Richards Bay coal line in May. Coal stockpiles rose to 3.03 Mt at the end of March from 2.82 Mt at the end of February and are likely to grow to the 4 Mt level ahead of the maintenance period.

The coal line was closed for 20 days in May and June 2011 to do necessary maintenance and in October 2011 RBCT exports were 7.38 Mt.

As nuclear power stations in Japan have reduced their output after the March 2011 earthquake, Japan requires more coal to burn in their thermal power stations.

Source: BusinessLive

Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT)