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BULK - South Africa coal exports continue to rise

55684 fcras 17/4 2012 14:18

SA coal exports continue to rise

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 ' 14:30

South Africa exported 6.24Mt of coal from the Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) in March this year ‒ a slight increase from the 6.09Mt exported in the previous month, according to data released here.

Reuters quotes RBCT as saying that South Africa ‒ a major exporter of coal to power stations in both Europe and Asia ‒ had a total of 3.03Mt of stock at the terminal at the end of last month.

Coal producers in South Africa include Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Exxaro, Optimum Coal and Xstrata.

Source: Reuters

Anglo American

BHP Billiton


Optimum Coal


Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) South Africa


17/4 2012 17:46 fcras 055692

BULK - BDI March to 1,000 / Fixtures 17.04.2012

Published: 13:10 GMT, 17 Apr 12 ' updated: 13:10 GMT, 17 Apr 12

Dry-cargo rates continued to edge towards four figures as a decline in the capesize market was countered by progress further down.

Observers note capesize rates are dropping on reduced activity among the miners while the panamax sector is being assisted by more action in the coal and grain markets.


Rio Tinto has paid $7.80 per ton for a TBN ship out of Dampier for Qingdao, up a fraction on the level seen yesterday.

Plutus will hand over $10.75 per ton for a TBN NCS vessel from Goa to Xingang.

Outside of the ore trade E.On has taken the 177,8000dwt Anangel Argonaut from Cosbulk for a Sines to China trip taking in Colombia at $27,000 daily.

CMN has put up $27,500 daily and a $200,000 bonus for the Genco Titus (built 2009) out of Yuzhnny for Singapore-Japan.


Glencore has bagged the 75,600-dwt Yasa Team (built 2006) for four to six months at $11,500 daily.

Brokers report a positive mood in the Pacific while the Atlantic is looking tighter for April.

Oldendorff was again active hiring a couple of vessels today. It has paid $24,000 daily for the 73,800-dwt Angela Star (built 1998) on a relet from Glencore for a Rotterdam to Kokkola and Singapore-Japan trip. A further $14,000 daily and a $440,000 bonus have been paid for the 95,000-dwt CMB Pomerol (built 2012) from Richards Bay to Saldanha and India.

Cosco has written cheques for $17,250 daily and a $725,000 bonus for the 75,400-dwt Ningbo Innovation (built 2001) out of Paranagua for Singapore-Japan.

Augustea has fixed the 81,900-dwt Darya Gayatri (built 2012) at $12,000 daily and a $350,000 bonus for a Bolivar to Polmin trip.


Long tonnage lists in both basins did not stop an upward creep of the supramax index today.

MUR has gobbled up the 50,300-dwt Navios Meridian (built 2002) for four to six months at $12,000 daily and a $350,000 bonus.

Da Sin Shipping's 57,000-dwt Mandarin China (built 2011) has gone for a year to an unidentified charterer at $11,000 daily.

Oldendorff again dominated the spot activity. It collared the 50,300-dwt Navios Vector (built 2002) out of China for Indonesia and India at $14,000 daily.

The 55,600-dwt African Kookaburra (built 2007) will cost $11,500 daily for a Nagoya to Indonesia and India jaunt.