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Global Equities: The New Bull Market

78672 Helge Larsen/PI-redaktør 3/11 2019 22:00

"Something very interesting is happening right now in global equities, and most people have probably missed it.

A set of unique indicators have put in some rare signals that are usually only seen at the start of a bull market.

That's right, you heard me: it looks like a new bull market is underway in global equities.

This flies in the face of the current conventional wisdom that the global economy is heading into recession, so it's a bold statement.

But as I'll outline in this article, as important as it is to keep an eye on the historical hard data, it's equally important - perhaps more so, especially at turning points, to listen to price (and to figure out the right indicators at the right time)".......

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5/11 2019 00:24 Helge Larsen/PI-redaktør 078721

Video - "Just call what's happening right now in the stock market ahead of the holidays a mini market melt-up, not the final stages of a bubble inflating.

"I wouldn't call this a bubble," Invesco chief markets strategist Brian Levitt said on Yahoo Finance's The First Trade. "Bubbles are an extreme deviation from the fundamentals, and I don't think we are there. Price to earnings ratios are a little bit elevated, but not extreme. Usually you have this type of euphoria build, we are nowhere near euphoria. People still like bonds. I think people use the word bubble to suggest markets are overvalued, I think that's dangerous to conflate the two."