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97064 The most interesting IPO on Norway this year 15/9 2021 08:38 FitInvestmentIdeas 0
In my view Danish Linkfire (LINKFI) is the most interesting IPO in Norway thisyear. In my view the company could easily have 10 higher value in 5 years. They dominate links for music streaming with 70% market share. Now they are ready to enter movies, podcasts and games. They have the
95375 LINKFIRE-TOP GAINER IN SWEDEN - UP 35% TO NEXT WEEK CATALYST 23/7 2021 06:38 FitInvestmentIdeas 2
Linkfire started to move this week. Yesterday it closed up 35.14%. The second best performing stock in Sweden. I think this should continue before next week's catalyst. Pareto should publish their initiation research on Linkfire in the next few days. The black-out period (during which IPO syndicate
95352 Major catalyst next week for LInkfire. The stock is moving 22/7 2021 09:33 FitInvestmentIdeas 0
Pareto Securities can publish an initiation research on Linkfire IPO next week. Initiation research is often a major catalysts for IPO stocks, as it introduces the stock potential and valuation to the public. The stock is starting to move on this.
95310 MY SCANDINAVIAN DOUBLING CANDIDATES FOR Q3 21/7 2021 12:03 FitInvestmentIdeas 1
I am very bullish on Linkfire. There are multiple catalysts in the next three months that should double the share price over that time horizon. Linkfire has the potential to be ten times higher over the next 3-5 years. Not many companies can achieve that. There are many music streaming companies, b
95294 The most interesting Scandi IPO this year 20/7 2021 06:26 FitInvestmentIdeas 2
This year I have analysed around 30-40 IPOs from Scandinavia. For me Linkfire was the most interesting company I looked at and bought into this year. The reason is simple: Linkfire has a potential to be ten times higher over the next 3-5 years. Not many companies can achieve that. There are many mu
95276 Linkfire: Unique Play On Music Streaming Through Market Lead 19/7 2021 06:30 FitInvestmentIdeas 1
Linkfire: A Unique Play On Music Streaming Through Market Leader Growing At 50%+ CAGR Summary - There are many streaming companies. But there is just one dominating service company that serves most of them with 70% market share. Its name is Linkfire. - Linkfire connects consumers on social platfo