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Q&A med Zealand Pharma, 24 Maj kl 15.00 Læs mere her
47322 Så kom der lige 4 mia. dollars i kassen 17/10 2011 08:28 Thure 1
"BP today announced that it has reached agreement with Anadarko Petroleum Company ("Anadarko") to settle all claims between the companies related to the Deepwater Horizon accident. Anadarko - which had a 25 per cent interest in the MC252 (Macondo) prospect - and BP have concluded that entering into
42646 Så begynder BP at kradse penge ind! 20/5 2011 21:56 Thure 0
Nedenstående er formodentlig kun starten. "BP has struck a deal to receive around $1 billion from one of its minority partners in the blown-out Gulf of Mexico well, raising hopes it will successfully pursue other companies involved and reduce its bill for the disaster. BP PLC said Thursday that MO
18025 BP finder endnu mere olie - masser af olie 2/9 2009 13:57 Thure 0
"Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) -- BP Plc, Europe’s second-largest oil company, reported a “giant” discovery at the Tiber Prospect in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico that may contain more than 3 billion barrels, sending its shares higher." "The latest discovery will help BP, already the biggest producer in the Gulf